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Kamis, 04 Maret 2010



Once, a man was walking in a park when he came across a penguin. He took him to a policeman and said, “I have just found this penguin. What should I do?” The policeman replied, “take him to the zoo”

The next day the policeman saw the same in the same park, and the man was still carrying the penguin with him. The policeman was rather surprised and walked up to the man and asked. “Why are you still carrying that penguin about? Didn’t you take t to the zoo?” ‘I certainly did,’ replied the man.

“And it was a great idea because he really enjoyed it, so today I’m taking him to the movies!”


A landowner from Seoul went to visit his farmer in the countryside and was treated to a grand dinner of boiled chicken.

In the course of the meal, the farmer’s youngest son ran in, shouting, “There it is! He’s eating the dead chicken.”

The landowner thought that he had been served a long dead chicken. So he put down his chopsticks and told the servant to clear the table, politely saying, “This is enough for me. My stomach can’t take any more food.”

Just then, the boy started eating the chicken’s leg greedily saying at the same time, “Oh, this is really delicious.”

“Why are you eating the dead chicken?” asked the surprised landowner

“Who eats live chicken?” replied the boy

Al Brown

Al Brown was very good at fixing things around the house when they broke. One day he went to another city to do some work there, and his wife was alone in the house. While Mr. Brown was away, one of the faucets on the bathtub broke. Mrs. Brown didn’t know much about fixing broken faucets, so she telephoned a plumber.

The plumber came to the house that afternoon and fixed the faucet in few minutes. When he finished, he gave Mrs. Brown his bill for the work.

She looked at it for several seconds and then said, “Your prices are very high, aren’t they? Do you know, the doctor costs less than this when he comes to the house?”

“Yes, I know,” answered the plumber.” I know that very well, because I was a doctor until I was lucky enough to find this job a few months ago.”

Ferocious Lion

Bert was telling his friend, Justin, about his Safari Trip in Africa. “I came face to face with a ferocious lion. He was snarling, showing me his long sharp teeth. He was literally salivating at seeing me. Man! I’d never been so scared before.”

“Wow! I’m glad I wasn’t in your shoes! So what happened next? Did you shoot him?”

“No, I didn’t have my gun with me.”

“You didn’t? Oh, man! That was really dumb.”

“Yeah, it was so stupid of me. Anyway, there I stood alone, without gun. The lion crept closer and closer and closer…. and I ….” Bert stopped and heaved a deep sigh, impatiently, Justin cried, “Come on, man! What did you do?”

His pal shrugged his shoulders and said, “What could I do? I moved on to the next cage.”

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